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About Us

Mission Statement:

Metro CareRing helps meet basic needs and advocates for solutions to hunger and poverty.  We assist people through times of crisis and provide resources for self-sufficiency.

Who We Serve:

About one-third of the households receiving services at Metro CareRing are considered “working poor.”  These are persons who receive income, but do not earn enough to meet basic needs.  Another one-third is on a fixed income; while income from work, social security, or public benefits is not increasing, the cost of living in Denver continues to rise.  Other clients have experienced financial setbacks, such as job loss, death of a family member, or a medical emergency. Many coming to Metro CareRing have physical or mental health challenges.  These persons may never have sustainable incomes. Metro CareRing is needed for transitional times, as well as to care for the most vulnerable in society.

What We Do:

Food and Toiletries  Over 90% of clients receive these basic services. Every family who visits receives a 4 – 6 day supply of food that is nutritionally balanced and made to order based on family size and food preferences.  Clients may visit once every 30 days. 

Utility Assistance – Assistance is offered for utility payments, through Energy Outreach Colorado granting.  Metro CareRing assists with payments up to $1,500 per household.

ID Documentation – MCR provides funding for ID documentation needed for housing applications, work, school and social services.  These include Colorado State IDs, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, etc. 

Referral/Information SharingTrained Client Care Providers make over 10,000 referrals annually, connecting clients to other agencies. 

Where We Come From:

Metro CareRing was initiated in 1974 by five downtown Denver churches (First Baptist Church, Central Presbyterian Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church, St. Paul United Methodist Church, and Trinity United Methodist Church) to offer a comprehensive response to people in need.  Thirty-six years ago, churches were responding by providing piecemeal emergency programs but not coordinating with other agencies.  By founding Central Denver Community Services (now Metro CareRing), these leaders were able to channel resources of the community through one single location. Metro CareRing has been operating out of its current facility since 1999 and today operates one of Denver’s largest food pantries serving over 131,000 individuals annually.